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After your arrival

A few hints and tips to help you prepare to start uni

Prepare for the transition to university before your course starts, and you’ll be able to dive straight into campus life when you get here.


Your UniKey is a single sign-on for all university applications and resources, such as MyUni, your email account and the wi-fi network.

Keep an eye on your email inbox in the weeks leading up to semester to read any news or notifications from your course coordinators.

Each of your subjects will have an online portal on MyUni. This is where you’ll find unit of study outlines containing information such as the syllabus, prescribed readings, assessments, exams, class participation and related reading.

MyUni is also the gateway to your timetable. These typically become available in mid-February for Semester 1 and mid-June for Semester 2. Your timetable contains your class locations – it’s a good idea to look these up on campus maps ahead of time.


Your student card will remain valid for the duration of your degree, and entitles you to lower prices wherever student discounts are offered.

Full-time domestic students are entitled to half fare on public transport, through a NSW Tertiary Student Concession Card or an Opal Concession card, which you apply for at the time of enrolment.


Buying your textbooks, and course notes or readers early will save you loads of time when the queues descend upon campus.

Prescribed textbooks for each unit of study are listed in your faculty handbook

Go to the Student Website to find out where to buy your textbooks and course equipment


Welcome Week is held at the start of semester. We run a huge program with events, workshops and information sessions essential to your orientation and transition into life as a student.

Our maps and directions can help you get your bearings on campus.

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